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    The NFL odds do not suddenly stop at spread point. The number of ways in which you can bet on American Football is almost limitless.

    What odds are available on Tom Bradby throwing 300 yards plus in any given match? What are the futures odds available on which two teams will appear in the Super Bowl? What are the first and second half betting lines?

    Understanding the odds

    Unlike horse racing and boxing where there are no bets accepted after the horse race or boxing match has started, in play bets can be made on all NFL games while the match is in play. Live next play odds are available vie your Smartphone or other Internet enabled devices. The need to understand how NFL odds work has never before been such an important element in helping punters win more than they lose.

    As the action changes in game, so too do the odds on an event happening. Will the quarterback make three, four, five or six completed passes? How many touchdowns will be completed during the first period? How many yards will be won in any given period?

    Also, punters need to know the best spreads available. With increased online competition between bookies trying to generate as many bets as possible, the odds of winning, while still in the bookies favour to a certain extent, have swung towards the punter, and that is the best thing about so many companies vying for finite potential business.

    Spreads are not dead – they are very much alive

    The spread bet remains the king of bets. When it comes to betting on NFL and pro football action, spread betting is the favourite bet among the pro and beginners betting fraternity. The spreads are also known as line or spread and as betting sides, and the odds offered depend on the volume of bets taken on each side.

    Will the Denver Broncos win at Washington Redskins? Are any of the players carrying an injury which might have an impact on the end result? Will the Broncos ever generate any turnovers? Now times these potential scenarios over the entire NFL match week and you’ll see why spread betting is the most popular method of betting on NFL games and their outcomes.

    For a modest bet of a couple of pounds or even less, if you have the right intelligence from pundits and analysts who are in the know, you can make some serious money if all the results you have bet on come through.

    If you don’t win through, then you haven’t lost a great deal of money. Placing multiple bets is a better way of increasing your winnings exponentially.

    Our odds comparison service features all the in play odds live as well as fixed odds for match results. Of course, not every result will have the same significance but the notable outcomes of key games will have an effect on odds. If you have all the information and stats to hand, you can make an informed judgement call on which teams to bet on, how many touchdowns are predicted and how many completed passes will be made by the respective quarterback.

    The more you know the better. Knowledge is power and if you have the power, you are invincible.



    What are the odds of making it to the NFL?

    For NCAA senior players drafted by a team in the NFL, the rate is about one in fifty players making the big time.

    What is the line on NFL?

    A line is the form which contains the point spread as well as the under/over line -the total points or totals.

    Where can I bet on NFL games?

    Bet Fred, Bet365, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power to mention just a few examples.

    How do odds work?

    The odds are worked out on the probability of an event happening – win, lose or draw.

    Can I bet on NFL games online legally?


    Can I place sports bets online?


    How are NFL point spreads determined?

    Two teams have to be compared and the difference in their power ratings win total have to be determined.

    How do I place a bet on Paddy Power?

    When seeing a bet you want to make, simply click on the odds button and follow through from there.

    Can I use bet365 abroad?


    Is Bet365 legal in UK?


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