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    The National, The Epsom Derby, Kentucky Derby, The Melbourne Cup is horse racing at its finest. Huge crowds gather at the famous racecourses for the two or three day events when these races take place. They are the highlight of the racing card, with millions of pounds bet on these races by punters at the racecourse as well as punters from around the world.

    How do I bet on horse racing UK?

    Racing punters rely on first hand horse racing news so they can make their best bets on the runners and riders. The form guide, which will include the most recent horse racing results of the horses involved in each race will be available, and are just a touch screen away.

    Punters in the UK rely on a wide range of sources from which they are able to gather the form of horses, the fitness of jockeys and the ‘going’ of the racecourse so they can make an informed choice of what to bet on, when and also what type of bet to place. The most popular bets in horse racing, certainly with online punters, are multi race accumulators. In high street betting shops the most popular bet places is the ‘each way’ bet.

    What Is The Going?

    Different horses perform better in differing ground conditions – Good to soft, heavy, firm and soft are just four examples. Trainers need to know the going – different ground conditions – so they can decide where, when and how the horse from their stables will run. Just as much as the trainers need these reports, so to do informed punters if they are to have any chance of beating the odds.

    Beating the odds

    Racing can be incredibly complicated, even to the seasoned punter. Our pundits and race analysers understand the need for up to the minute stats and news so punters can make informed choices. Armed with the best news, stats, recent and past results can be the difference between a winning bet and a losing bet.

    Stick to what you know best

    If you prefer to work on the form of a horse or the record of the rider, stick with it. Likewise, if you are more in to the race conditions – heavy, soft, good, firm etc – than stick with that when you’re making up your mind on which bet to place and on which horse(s). Too much analysis can lead to brain paralysis – leave the analysing to the experts and draw on that.

    How can I beat the odds in horse racing?

    You can beat the odds more than once but be prepared to lose from time to time. Don’t bet more than you want to lose. Bookmakers run a business and those businesses are built round a mathematical formula which is in favour of the bookies. The element of chance is always in their favour too.

    But with up to the minute news, views, stats and analysis, Sportez will help you on your way to betting smarter and a better chance of beating the bookie at their own game.



    Has horse racing been cancelled today?

    Horse racing is typically only cancelled when the weather is exceptionally bad.

    What is the best bet for horse racing?

    A daily double is a good bet and statistically returns the most money for a win.

    What does SP mean in horse racing?

    Starting price.

    Can you bet place only?


    Can you make money from horse racing?

    Yes, but your research will have to be SPOT ON!

    What does SP Favourite mean in horse racing?

    It is the favourite of the race as the race starts.

    Is horse racing profitable?

    It can be but there is always an element of risk in any form of gambling and betting.

    What does impeded mean in horse racing?

    When a horse and rider is impeded by another horse and rider, it can result in disqualification of the horse and rider causing the issue. If the horse and rider is impeded by a rider less horse, then that is the luck of the draw.

    Does whipping a horse make it run faster?

    A study undertaken at the University of Sydney concluded that whipping does not result I the horse running faster.

    What happens if you bet a horse to show and it wins?

    If the horse wins, places or shows then the bet is won.






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