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    All the latest horse racing news!

    Time was the only place you could find all the latest horse racing news was on the sports pages of the daily and Sunday newspapers. Even the bookies shops had the newspaper racing tips and results pages hanging on the walls. There was no other way.

    Horse racing, prior to the advent of the Premier League in England, was the leading market for betting. Ante post odds and win, place or show bets along with multi race accumulators were typical. Bets were placed in bookies shops, because there was no way of placing bets other than in a bookies shop.

    The past is another country

    They were not the kind of bookies we all know and love today. These were grubby affairs; windows were blacked out because that was the law to discourage people from entering, more resembling a dungeon or other place of torture. Unlike the airy, bright and welcoming bookies shops of today, they were places you entered with trepidation.

    You might be lucky enough to be in bookies where the horse racing results were announced over a loudspeaker, but that was a rarity. Why spend money on something which isn’t essential.

    Fast forward to today

    Fortunately, with the advent of the Internet and subsequently Smartphones and other Internet enabled mobile devices, placing a bet is as simple as touching a screen and pressing a ‘bet now’ button. There are hundreds of online bookies, some well known like:

    • Bet Free
    • Bet365
    • Paddy Power
    • Ladbrokes

    Equally, there is other less well known online bookies such as:

    • Karamba
    • Leo Vegas
    • MoPlay

    Online betting is now the norm for millions of punters the world over. You can bet on virtually any sport at any time of the day or night. If there is live sport you can bet on results in real time.

    Horse racing is still a huge draw for punters across the globe. From the number of visits we see to our news and tipsters pages. You can stay up to date with all the latest news, views and commentaries and live betting from racecourses in the UK, Ireland, Europe, America, Australia…from virtually every corner of our global village.

    Share in the rewards of online betting by increasing the odds on winning. Horse racing is the ancient sport of kinks brought to the masses by first radio, then TV and now the Internet. Streaming services can be accesses 24/7. Although we are blessed with wall to wall coverage of racing from around the world, it still never fails to set the pulse racing. Horse racing creates momentous highs and heart warming moments for millions of people worldwide. keeps you up to date with all the news. You can learn from our tipsters, study form when and where it suits you, place the odd bet when the mood takes you, and all without having to leave home to do so.

    Whether it is over the jumps of the flat, our news pages, betting tips and pundits pages will make sure you have all you need to stay ahead of the game.



    Who won the 2019 Grand National?

    Tiger Roll, ridden by ridden by Davy Russell.

    Has any horse won the Grand National more than twice?

    Yes, Red Rum in 1973, 1974 and 1977.

    Has a 100 to 1 horse ever won the Grand National?


    Who won the Kentucky Derby in 2019?

    Country House won after Maximum Security was disqualified.

    Can you make money from horse racing?

    If you follow form and horse racing news, then yes, you can beat the bookies from time to time.

    What does handicapping mean in horse racing?

    Handicapping is a way of evening up the horses in a race by adding weights to faster horses so slower horses can compete.

    Why do they handicap horses?

    Handicapping gives every horse the same chance of winning.

    Why do jockeys get weighed after the race?

    It is a mandate of the Jockey Club.

    Do jockeys ride the horse before the race?

    Sometimes, sometimes not.

    What are the best odds in a horse race?

    If you see something like one to four on odds, that horse is more likely to win a race than a horse with four to one odds.

    How do you pick a winning horse?

    By following form, watching, listening to or reading the latest news and having a bit of luck behind you.

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