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    Sportez has some of the most knowledgeable tipsters all of whom add their football tips and prediction betting tips on a regular daily basis.  You’ll be able to find all the latest Premier League tips for today’s games in what is advertised as the best league in the world.

    We have attracted and continue to retain the best tipsters around so you can benefit from our free football tips today service. If you are looking to find the most up to date odds , not just for the Premier League but also the Championship, League 1, League 2, FF Cup, EFL Cup and EFL Trophy, our free football tips service is just up your street.

    For example, if you’re looking to get the most up to date odds comparison on today’s, tomorrow’s or next week’s football fixtures on say, Chelsea vs Liverpool, Norwich vs West Ham or Watford vs Southampton, why do all the research when you can take advantage of our football betting odds service. Let the experts help you make the winning bet.

    What do you want to do? Of course you want to win your bet but what type of bet are you looking to place. Do you prefer betting ante post on final Premier League scores, Premier League results or combinations of matches in all the English professional leagues. Or is it combinations of league matches and cup matches. Do you prefer a daily acca?

    No worries, you can view our best bookie odds comparison charts before deciding which of the online bookmakers you want to place your bet.

    Alos, you can check out the confidence rating of different bookies and make your bet accordingly. Many of our users place bets with a high confidence rating according to the stats which are presented to them on the page.

    How much do you know about keepers scoring goals? What are the odds available on a keeper scoring a goal this coming match day? How many defenders will score goal and what re the potential percentage returns on a successful bet? How do you formulate Premier League predictions based on player form, goal scoring stats, saves made by keepers or preferred formations of the coach or manager?

    The potential is almost limitless, but if you have a team of football results tipsters upon who’s expertise you can call, these are things you don’t need worry about – it is all there for you from our expert panel of tipsters.

    Premier League betting tipsters help punters win millions of pounds every week. The number of bets and size of bets range from typically £0.50 to many thousands of pounds. Bets can be for how many goals scored in a game, both teams to score in each half, named players to score first (and last) or indeed combinations of all of these. Accumulator bets are by far and away the most popular of bets because often, for a fifty pence stake, the potential to win back hundreds or even thousands of pounds is very real.

    Many of our users also place multiple bets on multiple outcomes at the same time, thereby increasing their chances of winning back more money.  Our easy to use and easy to navigate website has all the information you need to make seriously informed decisions before placing your bets. Your betting and winning potential is limitless and with our seriously researched Premier League odds and football betting odds comparison service, we do the hard work while you make the easy (informed) betting choices.

    Online sports and football betting is a source of great fun and entertainment. If the odds are calculated correctly and you use the knowledge of our tipsters to good effect, your chances of winning much more than your initial investment is a very real opportunity.

    On this site you will find all the tools, form information and other stats to enable you to gain more success with your Premier League betting and other football betting.

    All in all you can have a real fun experience and have a greater potential of making some serious financial profit from something you enjoy.



    What happens if a game is postponed on an accumulator bet?

    The rules vary from one bookie to the next – always read the small print.

    How many players need to be sent off before a football match is abandoned?

    For a football match to be started and completed in accordance with the laws of the game, a minimum number of players on any one team is seven, therefore, if one team has five players sent off, the game would be abandoned by the referee.

    Can a player refuse to be subbed?

    Yes! Also, the referee has no power in which he can order a subbed player from the field of play.

    Can a goalkeeper score by throwing the ball?

    There is not a law which prevents a goalkeeper from scoring from a throw or kick of the ball.

    What is best odds in football?

    It has been said that Bet365 gives great odds.

    What are football odds?

    Odds are offered by bookies on the probability of a team winning, drawing or losing a match.

    How do you calculate odds of winning in football?

    Odds are calculated on past performance and results, team stats, injuries, team formations etc.

    Are higher odds better?

    Low odds on a bet means that particular result (win, draw or lose) is a higher probability. The opposite is true of longer odds.

    What are true odds?

    The actual odds of winning the bet.

    What do 9/4 odds mean?

    If you stake £4 on a bet with these odds, you will win back £9 plus your stake.

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