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    The best league in the world!

    Of course, we’re talking about the English Premier League. If your team has a coveted place in what is the most watched and subscribed to league in the world, you cannot have failed to notice how many clubs are sponsored by online betting companies.

    Some of the largest (and smallest) clubs have online betting companies as their main shirt sponsor. The likes of Aston Villa, Norwich City, West Ham, Everton, Bournemouth and Newcastle are just a few examples.

    The richest league in the world!

    The Premier League is the world’s most lucrative league at the present time. Investment is returns led. Investors from around the globe have been driving a rise in financial backing from outside of England. Several Premier League clubs are now some of the richest professional sporting clubs in the world. And the unpredictability of football results is what drives the increase in betting on Premier League scores and scorers.

    Real Time Online EPL Odds

    Real time Premier League odds are available as the match unfolds – football betting odds can and often do change from minute to minute with football live scores in a constant state of flux. Offers of a cash out sent via the company’s mobile app which thousands of subscribers will have on installed their mobile phone gives punters the option of cashing in before the full time result.

    The Premier League campaign, running as it does from August to May every year generates billions of pounds in revenues. Paying supporters, club sponsorships and TV rights continue to drive revenues forward.

    There are thousands upon thousands of punters placing their fixed odds accumulator bets, trying to predict the results, scores and scorers or combinations, with cumulative odds of many hundreds, or in some cases, thousands to one. For the sake of the odd fifty pence or pound bet accumulator, it is possible to win the cost of next year’s overseas holiday.

    Premier League Top Clubs Always Odds On

    The Premier League campaign odds comparison charts always have the odds favouring the top four to six clubs; Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City and Manchester United. All the bookmakers will typically have the top six teams to win when playing a lower placed or less successful team in the Premier League.

    But the bookies do not always get it right; English Premier League predictions are so – well, unpredictable. Who would have thought that Leicester City would win the coveted Premier League trophy back in 2015/16 season? That is probably the reason the football odds for Leicester to lift the trophy before a ball was kicked in anger was 5000 to 1. Several lucky Leicester City supporters ‘took the bookies to the cleaners’.

    Added in to the mix, the top four teams in The Prem qualify for the Champions League and you can see why attempting to make Premier League betting and Premiership results predictions is so difficult, even for the experts. And let’s not forget the battle against relegation from the Premier League – you can even get odds on that too.

    The North London derby of Spurs vs Arsenal, the Merseyside derby Everton vs Liverpool and the Manchester derby (United vs City) make for tense fixtures for the fans and thrilling sporting encounters for the neutrals.

    Even if you’re able to get to the game, for a relatively modest subscription on Sky, BT and other commercial broadcasters, you can watch the game at home or in the pub with a few friends of a similar persuasion. Since the Premier League was formed over 26 years ago, there are now more pubs in England which show live games than there that do not show live games at some time during the week.

    The Premier League always delivers an entire season of entertainment, unpredictability and excitement, and has done so since it broke away from the Football League back in 1992. The TV companies which televise live matches around the world have packaged football as we fans have always known it to be.

    Elation when your team wins, utter despair when they lose, and both interspersed with players exhibiting magical skills, scoring magnificent goals and making defensive blunders, defenders holding their heads in their hands while the goal scorer wheels off to take the adulation of the fans.

    It is what we footy fans thrive on and to be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way.



    How are football odds determined?

    Basically, football betting odds present, in a mathematical formula, how likely an event might happen. It is based on past experience, fixed events and future probability.

    What are true odds?

    True odds – the actual odds of winning the bet, and as an odds comparison should not be confused with payoff odds.

    What are payoff odds?

    Payoff odds are the bookies take, often known as the house edge.

    How much do bookies make?

    There is in effect no limit to what a bookie can make.

    How bookies calculate odds?

    Without going in to the maths, they calculate the probability of an event happening.

    What are the premier league odds?

    The odds of any team lifting the EPL trophy is based on last season’s performance, transfers in and out, football fixtures, management and coaching methods etc.

    What are the odds to win premier league 2019?

    Usually the odds would be something like 1/50 or something similar, meaning you would have to place £50 down to win £1 back.

    How do I win a football bet?

    Take the small wins.

    Who wins the Premier League?

    The team wins which accumulates the most points.

    Who will finish top 4 EPL?

    Any one team from Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur or Chelsea – want to bet on it?

    How do you qualify for Champions League?

    Teams qualify automatically by finishing in one of the top 4 positions of the EPL.

    Who are the top 4 in the Premier League?

    By definition the top 4 teams in the EPL are those which accumulate enough points in the season’s football schedule to finish above the fifth placed team.

    How do you place an accumulator Premier League odds bet?

    Choose some selections of possible outcomes of different matches from the fixture list, place your bet and wait for the results.

    Who calculates the EPL odds?

    There is a team of backroom people constantly weighing up stats and facts to calculate accurate odds.

    Which bookie has the best odds?

    The best odds vary from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day between online firms such as BetVictor, BetFred, Paddy Power etc.

    How much does an accumulator cost?

    Most accumulator bets start at £0.50p with little if any upper limit on stake money.

    How draw no bets work?

    By betting only on a winning or losing outcome – the ‘draw factor’ is eliminated from the choices available.

    Is football betting taxed UK?

    Since 2001, punters do not pay tax on the initial stake or the subsequent winnings.

    Can you claim gambling losses back?

    They are tax deductable, but only to the extent of your winnings.

    Who regulates online gambling?

    In the UK it is the Gambling Commission which regulates online gambling.

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