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You may know where the football scores are derived, but have you any idea how the latest football news or Premier League odds or Premier League transfer news is collated and disseminated so quickly and efficiently?

Like magic the latest Premier League news can be heard on Radio 5 Live, Talk Sport, Sky Sports News and BBC Sport, and hundreds of other radio and TV channels. There is also hundreds upon hundreds of vloggers putting out content about their favourite teams on YouTube and other free to contribute channels on the Internet.

The latest football news and in particular EPL news is brought to an ever eager army of footy fans by way of networks of insiders at football clubs – players, managers, chairmen, backroom staff and the tea lady at the training ground. Reporters working for newspapers, TV and radio channels, sports magazines and publications will be in constant touch with their contacts.

Additionally, player’s agents and clubs will release statements about players, their contracts and (quite often) potential disputes, transfer requests, refusal of transfer requests, player disagreements etc – the list is endless.

Sports journalists will hear breaking stories, the latest transfer news, watch interviews and video highlights, collate the latest results, the rumours and player interviews and then compile their latest copy for publication.

It has also been known for journalists to write or present a piece for publication which has no basis in truth, merely to fill copy space, meet a deadline or maybe stir up something on which a rumour is based. Indeed, often the news which is presented online and via radio, TV and Internet vlog channels can also influence football betting odds.

Not all stories are completely true, not all stories are completely false. Also, opinions of players and managers, comments made off the cuff or the way in which something is said can generate a rumour which turns in to a full blown story, only to be found to be completely non-descript, but it is a story which will fill space on pages or airtime, and will satisfy the advertisers.

Premier League football news is a big draw for advertisers. Betting companies are among the biggest spenders. New stories will bring in readers, viewers and listeners and they will see the advertiser’s or sponsor’s link or logo.

Companies such as Sky Bet, Bet Fred, Bet365 and other betting companies rely on a steady stream of consumers, all of whom are hungry for news, to see their logos and band names for them to become ingrained in the psyche.

Transfer day and transfer day deadline as been turned into a complete farcical circus by Sky Sports. Ninety nine times out of a hundred nothing happens on transfer deadline day but, if it does, typically Sky Sports news will bring you the exclusive.

Through the news stats are collated, opinions are formed and opinions are sought and it is all these and more that the next round of gossip, rumour, conjecture and story are formulated.

The gathering of news is a 24/7 preoccupation, businesses are founded on the premise that consumers want saturation news coverage about their team and the news about the opposition.

To that end news channels and sports journalists will continue to deliver their take on the latest news story and will carry that story till they get a sniff of another story or scoop, thus keeping the bandwagon well and truly rolling.



What teams came up to the Premier League 2019?

Norwich City, Sheffield United and Aston Villa.

Is Premier League the best in the world?

If you believe the hype, yes.

What teams were relegated from the premier league 2019?

Cardiff City, Fulham and Huddersfield were relegated to the Championship.

What is a two horse race?

It means that only two teams have any hope of winning, leaving all the other teams in their wake.

What are football odds?

Bookies will offer odds which reflect the probability of a result occurring – win, lose or draw.

How do I win a football bet?

Know your markets, take the small wins and do not let your heart rule your head.

Can you lose money on a winning bet?

No, because your winnings will include your stake money, even if it is an ‘odds-on bet.

What do the odds 100 to 1 mean?

It means you statistically have a 1 in 100 chance of winning that bet.

What do odds of 11 to 10 mean?

If you bet £11 you’ll get £10 as winnings PLUS your stake, which will amount to £21 in total.

Which bookie has the best odds?

Bookies such as Bet Fred, Bet Victor, Bet365 and Sky Bet for example have similar odds, but it is often said Bet365 has the best odds pro rata.

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