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The English Premier League is the best in the world. The best players gravitate to the Prem; some of the wealthiest clubs in Europe operate in the EPL.

The Premier League table is dynamic and changes from minute to minute while live games are being played. Over the course of a weekend, from the Friday evening live game through to the last scheduled game on a Monday evening, the team positions are in a constant state of flux.

Unlike the Champions League table which is subject to long breaks between group matches, usually a fortnight or so, the Premier League schedule is unrelenting, with games flowing thick and fast from one week to the next, so Champions League scores and news is often at a premium.

You can find odds for all kinds of one off bets or accas. Fortunes can be won on small bet value accumulators. The bookies are always trying to hedge but wily punters are always looking to get one over the bookies on match day. It is not unusual to see a headline or news report about a punter winning several thousands of pounds from a single fifty pence or one pound accumulator bet.

Where can I find best football odds?

Sportez is the number one place to find the best in betting odds, from Bet Fred through to Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power to mention just a few of the better known high street and online bookmakers.

Modern commercial football leagues around the world use the Premier League model as their guide. Where there is money there will always be bookies. Have you noticed how many online bookmakers are man shirt sponsors of Premier League teams? They do not sponsor teams for multi million pound sums for nothing.

Why are bookies big sponsors of football teams?

The fact is that if you’re into football you’re going to see bookies brands and logos on billboards, advertising hoardings and so on. The reason so many online gambling firms sponsor teams as they do is because in the UK, pitch side advertising of gambling during a live sporting event is now not allowed.

This is good news for the punter. As increasing numbers of online bookies advertise on shirts as main sponsors, the punter gets better value for money as they all try to get the biggest slice of the billions of pounds which are bet on football every week of the season.

Why is the perm the best league for betting?

The Premier League betting market is one of the most lucrative for bookies and for punters alike. We keep our site updated on a daily basis with the latest betting news. Injuries to players, red card bans and other reasons for key players not ot be involved in matches can seriously affect the odds of a win or draw.

Because the odds margins are so narrow, getting the latest news on hat affects the betting odds is crucial in getting the chance to win as much back from the bookie as is possible.

With our constantly changing news pages and by bringing the best offers to punters, we can help you over time enhance your returns or reduce loses.

Look out for more of the latest news, views and pundit analysis so you can make the best choice possible when placing your next bet.



What was the odds on Leicester to win the league?

The season in which Leicester City won the EPL, the season starting odds for them to do so was 5,000 to 1.

What was the biggest payout for Leicester winning the league?

The accumulated payout on Leicester City winning the Premier League in 2016 was over 25 million pounds, a record payout.

How many points did Leicester City win the EPL title?

They finished with 81 points, ten points clear of Arsenal.

What does 20 to 1 odds pay?

For every £1 bet, you win £20 plus your stake returned.

How do you figure out odds?

Odds are based on the probability of an event happening.

How do you win the Premier League?

A team wins by accumulating more points than any other team over the course of the season.

What are 3 to 5 odds?

For every %£ bet you will win back £3 plus your stake money returned.

What is 9/2 odds mean?

If you put £2 on a team to win and they do, you will win £9 plus your stake money returned.

How do you beat the odds?

By keeping within your limit, doing lots of research or checking out the best betting tips on SPortez.

What sport is the easiest to bet on?

Football! With so many online bookies sponsoring football teams, there is every incentive for them to make their products easy to access and use.

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