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    How does the Champions League table reflect on Champions League betting and, more importantly, how does it affect the odds which the bookies set against particular games?

    How do bookies calculate odds?

    The way in which bookies calculate and set the odds for Champions League games depends an awful lot on what Champions League news, gossip or rumours emanate from each club. The bookies always set the odds in favour of the house, as they have access to news and inside information which is not always available to punters. But there is a way to limit potential losses and come out ahead of the bookies.

    How do you beat the odds?

    If you’ve ever had that little pang of doubt before placing a bet that you’re wasting your time, then join the club. Millions of punters all over the world have that same pang of doubt, because they know that bookmakers and casinos stack the odds against the punter.

    The bias is worse in casinos because the odds are about a red, black or zero option on the wheel of fortune. With sports such as horse racing, football and rugby for example, setting the odds is even trickier.

    But with Champions League games, trickier became just a little more slanted in favour of the punter. How so you might ask.

    Well, the bookies odds for Premier League games and matches in other leagues around the world are easier to set because they know the leagues in each country and the form of each team. The norm is for regular betting predictions, stats, news and ultimately odds set on a league format against other teams in that particular division or league.

    With the Champions League, in the main it will be teams competing against other teams from different countries. How a team will perform say, from the Prem, against a team from a league in Russia, france, Italy or Holland for example. Club domestic league form tends to go out of the window.

    In the Champions League, if you have access to the news, views and predictions of a team of analysts and pundits with access to the inside news, the odds of beating the bookies becomes shorter than normal. If you work your bets out right, and place your money accordingly, it is easier to come out ahead betting on Champions League games than iit is in domestic league games.

    Bookies will employ teams of statisticians to study historical data for any sport, not least football. From this data they will develop sophisticated models to determine the best odds for each game but weighted in their favour.

    Not so we the regular punters. We have to rely on the news and views, predictions and guesswork of pundits with a view to make a balanced judgement on how a game will end.

    If we look at past history and how players have performed, we can make that informed judgement without any outside help. But to beat the bookies at their own game, we should all embrace the analysts and pundits – their experience from a life in the business is ours for the taking. And if it is free, that is something the bookies will never offer in a million years.



    How do you beat the odds?

    You probably can’t but you can mitigate losses by betting smarter by being more informed and up to date with news and pundit analysis.

    Can you be a professional gambler?

    You can but you have to devote ten times as much time in continuous research and analysis as time spent on betting itself.

    Are higher odds better?

    They are but they are higher for a reason, the bookies only offer short odds on what can be classed as potential bankers for them.

    What are 5 to 2 odds?

    If you bet £2 at 5 to 2 odds, you will win back £5 plus your stake back, so £7 in total.

    How do bookies calculate odds?

    Odds are calculated on the basis of a probability of an event happening. The higher chance of an event happening, the shorter the odds on that event happening.

    What sport is the easiest to bet on?

    Football! With so many leagues around the world with virtually every day of the week with games being played somewhere in the world, football is by far the best and easiest sport to bet on.

    Can I bet on both teams to win?

    You can, but what is the point- GO for the draw, because the odds on either team to win will be different. Bet on both teams to win and you will NEVER win money.

    Can you bet twice on the same game?

    Separate bets yes, on accumulator bets, you would probably have to get the bookies’ agreement before placing the bet.

    How do you place multiple bets?

    Check with the bookies – different bookies have different rules so before placing, always check what can and can’t be done.

    How long does it take for a bet to settle?

    Online bookies settle immediately. Unless there is a query, most bookies will payout on winning or on production of a valid betting slip.

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