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    Champions League stats are by their nature fluid – as each season’s competition closes with the final in May of each year, statisticians, analysts and pundits will have to re-evaluate:

    • Which player is the all time leading scorer in the Champions League?
    • Who is the all time leading scorer in the Champions League?
    • What are the odds of a team in the final coming back from behind to win the game?
    • What are the odds of the winning goal of a Champions League match being scored in the first five minutes of the match?
    • How many teams have come from behind to win the champions league final?
    • What is the longest undefeated run in the Champions League?
    • Which player has been sent off the most times in Champions League history?

    Our team of statisticians and analysts have all this information and more besides for punters who want the best source of info and stats when placing bets on Champions League games. Some of the stats do not have a bearing on current Champions League predictions or Champions League betting odds, but some do.

    The stats which matter are pored over by our team so we can bring you the most up to date news on Champions League matches, and will be the same stats which the teams of analysts within the bookies will analyse so accurate odds can be set for upcoming matches.

    Who archives the Champions League stats?

    Most betting companies will have an archive of stats from which they can draw upon to set accurate odds. News organisations and sports organisations such as The BBC, ESPN, Sky, Daily Mail and others will also have bulging archives. However, perhaps the biggest and most reliable archive is that of EUFA. Their archive extends way back to 1955, the inaugural year of the European Cup as it was then known.

    How are champions league stats analysed for betting odds?

    Analysts will delve deep in to the profiles of each player who is due to appear in a match, Analysis might include how many completed passes a midfield player has made over the season, or the last season and in to this season. It might be how many goal scoring opportunities a striker has had and what the shots on target to off target ratio have been. How many saves did a ‘keeper make in recent games compared to his opposite number?

    Myriad stats are available but iy you don’t know how to interpret them, they will not o you much good.

    That is why our team is on the case, to deliver the best round up of stats and deliver them in such a way that punters can see why odds have been set, where it is best to place a bet and what returns you might expect on a winning bet.

    The team at Sportez works for you so you can place the bet and enjoy the match.

    *The joint record for most red cards issued in the Champions League is held by Edgar Davids and Zlatan Ibrahimović, each having been sent off four times as at 29th September 2019.



    Who has won the Champions League the most times?

    As at June 2019, Real Madrid with 13 final wins including the inaugural competition.

    Who has the most goals in Champions League history?

    As of June 2019 it is Christiano Ronaldo with a total of 127 goals.

    What team scored the most goals in the Champions League?

    As of June 2019 it is Real Madrid with 525 goals.

    What is the biggest win on a bet on a Champions League result?

    As at June 2019, the biggest win which included a Champions League game was a £2.50 accumulator netted a Litchfield man a cool man a hefty £157,000 as a result of Manchester United winning the final in 1999.

    Who is the most successful football club in the world?

    As at June 2019, that would be Rangers FC in Scotland. One hundred trophies and titles and still counting.

    Who is the most successful English football club?

    As at June 2019, that would be Liverpool FC.

    Which country will host the Champions League final in 2020?

    The final in 2020 will be played in Atatürk Olympic Stadium, Turkey

    What date is the Champions League final in 2020?

    The final will be played on May 30th 2020.

    Which country has most Champions League winners?

    As at June 2019 Spanish clubs have won the title no less than 18 times.

    Who is the youngest player ever in the Champions League?

    As at June 2019 it is Céléstine Babayaro (16 years and 87 days) and, coincidentally, 37 minutes after creating this record, he became the youngest player ever in the Champions League to receive a red card and be dismissed the field of play.

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