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    Champions League scores and goal scorers are big business, netting over 2 BILLION Euros on TV rights and sponsorship deals for EUFA, the governing body of European football.

    Of course, the average fan also contributes to the coffers of UEFA by paying admission money to watch the game live. However, you can get your money back, not from the club or UEFA we hasten to add, but by tactical Champions League betting. Success will mean you will need a little luck on your side, but if you follow the Champions League news, stats, pundit analysis and their Champions League predictions for match day, you can hedge your bets and beat the bookies.

    You can find the best premier league predictions and access to the best odds from many of the leading online bookies; Paddy Power, Bet Fred, William Hill, Bet365 and Sky Bet for a few examples. Betting is a game of chance but armed with stats, news, facts and figures you leave less to chance when you place a bet on a Champions League match.

    How do you predict Champions League scores?

    There isn’t an exact science of predicting results I the Champions League. Like any projected future event, there are hundreds of thousands of variables at play. You can make a pretty accurate assumption about who might win a match by studying statistics about both teams.

    If you have two teams competing in a match such as Real Madrid vs Steaua Bucurest, then the smart money will always be on Madrid to win. Same goes with Bayern Munich vs FC Twente from Holland; however, smart punters will always place a separate bet on the minnows causing an upset on the night.

    The odds on an upset can be pretty long, but betting is a game of chance and the chances are the odds will be upset at some point in time. It could be your turn next time to upset the bookies. In addition, the established elite are always being challenged by clubs on the up, so there is always the potential for a slip up by the favourites, especially in a knockout competition.

    You can also bet on the scorers in Champions League matches. You may see a stat that someone else overlooks. There is plenty of opportunity for getting a little bit of a lift over the bookies, although you may need a little help digging that stat out.

    You may know all the facts and figures about your favourite team in the Champions League but knowing stats which are more relevant to an upcoming match is a different thing. Recent stats such as player form guides, transfers in and out and injuries are the stats which may affect the next match.

    Which is why our Champions League stats, Champions League news, Champions League news, Champions League betting and predictions pages will help you on you way. We cannot guarantee a winning bet, no one can do that but what we can do is arm you with all the stats and facts you will need to better make your final decision on which team to bet in the Champions League.


    Who scored the winning goal in the 2019 Champions League final?

    Origi scored the winner in the 87th minute.

    Who scored the winning goal for Liverpool in the 2019 Champions League semi final?

    Origi scored from a quickly taken corner which caught Barcelona napping.

    How many goals did Barcelona score in the 2018/19 Champions League competition?

    Barcelona scored 26 goals in all matches.

    In what year was Real Madrid formed?

    The club was formed officially on March 6th 1902.

    Which team did Manchester United lose to in the Champions League semi final of 2019?

    Barcelona, losing 4-0 on aggregate over 2 legs

    How many goals did Messi score against Liverpool in the Champions League semi final of 2019?

    Messi scored 2 goals but his Barcelona side lost out over the two legs.

    Who will be the Champions League winner?

    Don’t always bet on the favourite to get to the final – study stat and look at teams which are coming in to form in their own domestic league.

    What teams are in the Champions League 2020?

    See our Champions League tables page for more info.

    Who has qualified for the Champions League 2019/20?

    See our Champions League betting page.

    Does 4th automatically qualify for Champions League?


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