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The Champions League schedule is an eagerly awaited development in the football calendar. Champions League predictions flow thick and fast from newspaper pundits, online betting websites, blogger analysts and a plethora of news sources as the schedule is published by EUFA.

Betting on Champions League matches do generate millions of pounds in income for bookies, but nowhere near as much as that which is bet on domestic leagues in Europe.

While the English Premier League games are played on a week to week schedule, there is more of a breathing space between Champions League matches. Given the group stage two leg matches are staged midweek over a two week period to fit in easily with domestic league commitments, betting tips, odds and champions league betting has a more controlled build up as and when Champions League news becomes available..

There is a feeling among within football that Champions League games are more important than domestic league games. However, this may be true of what the organisers (UEFA) and the online bookies think, who, between them, rake in millions of pounds on sponsorships and TV rights (UEFA) and betting revenues (the bookies).

Why are the Champions League Games played on Tuesdays and Wednesdays?

In the main, the Champions League is an international competition and as with all international competitions, the rules of FIFA require international competition to fit in with domestic completion, and not the other way round. Tuesday and Wednesday nights are really the only ties available across European elite leagues where there isn’t any domestic league action.

However, Champions League fixtures are played out on a Tuesday and Wednesday evenings to attract higher TV audiences, therefore higher revenues in advertising and sponsorship fees. The tradition of Saturday being the day of the week when domestic football leagues operate is a strong one. Additionally, the Champions League would undermine the national league competitions as well as dilute the potential for TV rights and sponsorship deals.

Champions League ties do not have the intensity of tribal rivalries and history associated with domestic league competitions, rivalries of which some are over a century old. In the Champions League competition, the rivalry between Inter Milan and Arsenal for example pales compared to that of Arsenal and Spurs or Inter and AC Milan. If the games were played over a weekend, the crowds would be fewer and TV audiences reduced.

It is also because the owners of the French newspaper L’Equipe were looking at ways of increasing sales of newspapers and therefore increase advertising revenues. The idea of running an international club competition came up but with midweek fixtures, thereby enabling the newspaper to sell more copies outside of the traditional weekend sports programmes of the 1950s

They took the idea to UEFA and, as they say, the rest is history since the first tournament was staged back in 1955.

With the availability of 24/7 sports coverage which we have now become used to, the idea of sport only at weekends now seems a little archaic and quaint, and yet it was once the norm.



When is the Champions League schedules released?

The draw for the Champions League group stage is usually made at the end of August at the beginning of each new football season.

What stadium is the Champions League Final 2020?

The Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul will host the final in 2020.

Who automatically qualifies for Champions League?

The top 4 teams in each of the top divisions of participating national associations.

How much does the Champions League trophy cost?

The cost of the original trophy was about £8,000.

How many groups are there in the Champions League?

Currently there are 8 groups as at June 2019, but this is always under review.

When did the champions league group stage draw 2019/20?

The draw took place in August 2019 with first matches taking place on 17th September 2019.

When is the Champions League final 2020?

May 30th 2020.

Do the Champions League winners qualify?

Yes, the winners automatically qualify for the following tournament.

when is the last Champions League group match 2019/20?

The last group stage matches are due to complete on December 11th 2019.

Can 5 teams qualify for the Champions League?

Yes, that is the maximum number of clubs which can qualify from the English Premier League.

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