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Now is the time to make your Champions League predictions. Either before the next round of matches in the group stage, or maybe you want to wait until we get to the knockout stage, when the elite teams go head to head in a winner take all match to reach the next round.

Who’s going to win Champions League?

Oh if only we had a crystal ball or a reliable time machine to get the exclusive news. Unfortunately, we mere mortals have to make do with reading up on the latest English Premier League or Champions League news, stats and expert analysis to come even close to making a valid prediction before we place a bet.

Sportez has a team of analysts and pundits to help you make an informed choice about how best you can bet to get the better of the bookies. Consistent analysis of news from the camps such as player fitness or lack of it as a result of injuries can be the difference between a winning or losing bet.

The bookies have large teams of analysts and statisticians voraciously trawling all the available news so the odds makers get it right. Thankfully our team of analysts and pundits firmly ally with the punter to try and tip the balance in favour of the punter.

Who bet on Liverpool to win the 2019 Champions League?

According to the stats, there was more money placed on Manchester City to win the 2019 Champions League than on Liverpool. Money flowed in to bets on Manchester City from the outset of the group stages. Betting on Liverpool was sluggish and insipid until the quarter final round.

Unfortunately, City couldn’t replicate their domestic league form and fell far short of the expectations of the punters who backed them to win the competition. Barcelona, Paris St Germain and Real Madrid never really looked like winning the competition based on the number and spread of bets placed, based on their form as the competition progressed. The odds offered by hundred of online bookies around the world also reflected the genuine belief that none of those giants of football would win the competition, even though Madrid had won in three consecutive finals.

Do the bookies ever get it wrong?

When you’re not doing so well with your returns on bets placed on football or other sports, there is the tendency to believe the bookies are ever wrong. However, the bookies don’t always get it right as our team of analysts and pundits will happily tell you. You can take on the expert bookies and come out on top more times than not.

If you follow the news about Champions League teams form, read up on player guides and be more scientific with your bets, the bookies are not infallible. And when they lose out and the punters get the better of them, those of us who enjoy more than the odd flutter will always have a smile on our faces.

Bookmaking however is big business – don’t let the bookies lull you in to a false sense of security if you win a few on the bounce. They will come back with a vengeance to put the record straight, but with our help we will give you a better even chance of beating them at their own game.



Can bookies change odds?

Once a bet has been taken and placed, the bookie cannot change the odds.

Can bookies refuse to pay out?

Yes, they can refuse to payout with virtual legal impunity, although it seldom happens.

Can bookmakers cancel bets?

Yes, they can cancel a bet or multiple bets.

Why do odds drop?

Odds drop the more people place bets.

Do Bookies lay off bets?

Yes, they will lay off bets to other bookies if their liability becomes too great.

Why do odds change?

Odds change as the incoming money increases or decreases on a particular event happening.

Do bookies always make money?

They do always make money but they do not always win. Bookies cannot control the outcome of a sporting event, but they can control how much they stand to win or lose.

Do bookies want the Favourite to win?

No, because that means the majority of bets placed are winners, because the favourite of the bookies which has the most money bet on it has come in.

Do bookmakers hedge bets?

Bookies hedge bets ALL the time.

What is hedging your bets?

Hedging means supporting more than one potential result in any competition.

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