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    What are the latest Champions League odds on Bet Fred, Bet365, Paddy Power and other online bookies? How do the bookies Champions League betting odds on Barcelona compared to Real Madrid, Liverpool’s chances of winning the competition compared to that of Manchester City or, dare we suggest, Manchester United.

    With so many online sports betting organisations the difference in odds are relatively small, given they are all trying to get a slice of each other’s action. The best way of gaining an advantage is by signing up to online bookies as a new user. More often than not you’ll find there are special offers – £20 for £20 if you place a bet when signing up – are common place. Free bets such as those available on Paddy Power and other online bookies often come with strings attached – always read the small print before diving in.

    How do you beat the odds?

    The domestic league positions of the relevant teams all give an indication of the odds of any particular team’s chances of winning the title ‘Champions of Europe’. You can beat the odds with a certain degree of success if you keep a close on all the latest Champions League news. Bookies employ teams of ‘news hounds’ and statisticians to comb through all the news channels, as well as having ‘people on the inside’ at the elite clubs to get the latest snippets.

    Statistics always play a vital role in how bookies calculate the odds of any given sporting event, and the Champions League is no different. The table of Champions League stats become ever more complex as the years pass. Ordinary punters don’t have the time or the contacts to keep abreast of everything that might affect the outcome of matches. SO, the best thing is to ‘bet smart’ and use the knowledge and experience of the Sportez team of analysts and pundits to make the task so much easier and more enjoyable.

    Can I do more to beat the bookies?

    If you follow the latest news and stats the best way to beat the bookies is by way of accumulator bets. For a relatively small bet (from as little as 50 pence) you can bet on the outcome of several results in a single bet.

    Betting o the outcome of several matches in the Champions League but with one bet, the odds are multiplied by each of the odds available on each single game. Therefore, it is not impossible that a punter can win many hundreds or many thousands on a single accumulator. The best thing about an accumulator is that if all your selections don’t come in, you only lose a small amount compared to what you could possibly win.

    What do I get from Sportez?

    We bring you all the latest match odds, plus you’ll get up to the minute breaking news, loads of free tips, plus we’ll point you in the direction of online bookies which offer free bets and money-back offers on Champions League scores, goal scorers and match results.

    There is no better way of accessing the exciting world of Champions League football.



    Who will win UEFA Champions League?

    See our Champions League predictions page.

    How do you bet on football?

    See our Champions League and English Premier League page for advice and links.

    How does the Champions League knockout draw work?

    Each tie in both the group and knockout stage is played over two legs, one home, one away.

    What happens if draw in Champions League?

    Away goals are used to determine which team goes through. In the event of a draw and goals for, against and away goals are equal, a penalty shootout decides the winner.

    How do away goals count in Champions League?

    The team scoring the most away goals over two legs is deemed the winner, even if those away goals are scored in extra time if the scores are not drawn. In the event of a draw and goals for, against and away goals are equal, a penalty shootout decides the winner.

    How do Points work in Champions League?

    The team with the most points wins the group. In the event of a tie on points, goals difference and goals for and against are used to decide the winner of the group.

    Do away goals count in Champions League extra time?


    Why is there an away goal rule?

    Because the home team is always deemed to have an advantage over an away team in a two legged tie.

    Can English teams meet in round of 16?

    It depends on where they finish in the group stage as seeding means winners of groups cannot meet in the first knockout round.

    How are champions league teams selected?

    They are selected and qualify on merit of their domestic league finishing position.

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