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    Joe Lewis, Rocky Marciano, Sonny Liston, Cassius Clay, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Lennox Lewis…just a few of the names that might trip off the tongue when reminiscing about the greats of boxing down the decades. Depending on your age and where you grew up, your most vivid memories might be of Cassius Clay standing over Sonny Liston on a grainy TV image back in 1965. You might be a fan of Lennox Lewis and remember where you were watching the fight when he won his first title in 1998.

    Who is the greatest boxer in history?

    Ah, a question which our fight analysts and pundits argue over time and again. Clay (Ali) is arguably the most famous fighter of all time, not least because he emerged in the 60s when TV was fast becoming the established medium of entertainment. Championship bouts, and in particular the heavyweight division bouts were shown live on national TV and were huge draws.

    International audiences for fights which included Ali, such as the ‘Thrilla in Manila’ or the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ ran in to the millions. Huge sums were bet in a time when punters had to go out and make the journey to the bookies to place their bets. Unlike today where boxing results, horse racing results, Live EPL games and Champions League predictions are available at the touch of a screen.

    How much is pay per view Pacquiao fight?

    It doesn’t really matter where you are or what you’re doing; you can watch a Pacquiao fight via a live streaming service for a few pounds. If, back in the day before the age of the Internet you wanted to watch a match live, you had to be ringside or in front of a fixed TV set up. Not anymore.

    Remember when Tyson bit off the Evander Holyfield’s during a heavyweight champion bout? That perhaps is one of the lowest points in amateur and pro boxing down the years. Nowadays, you’d probably be able to find the odds of a boxer’s ear being bitten off with one of the thousands of online bookies operating around the world.

    What happened to Mike Tyson?

    He is now retired from the sport although he takes an active interest in promoting and encouraging young people in to the noble art of boxing, although perhaps he will not be encouraging any of them to ‘bit chunks’ out of their opponent.

    Our website is topped out with predictions for boxing, who will win the next heavyweight crown, what round a knockout will take place or if the referee might have to stop the fight for a TKO. Our analysts have all the stats and news at their disposal to bring up to date and realistic predictions for upcoming fight nights.

    Who is the hardest hitting boxer of all time?

    All of them from our point of view are the hardest hitters. Would you prefer a good spanking from any of the aforementioned hard hitters or watch their grace, skill and athleticism from a distance? If you’ve got jaws made from tungsten, then maybe the former but if you’re like most boxing fans, you’ll just love to remain an avid watcher, a punter, and benefit from our regular diet of knockout news and pugilistic punditry.



    Who is the greatest boxing champion of all time?

    Muhammad Ali – the champ – enough said. You may disagree – who is yours?

    How many boxers have retired undefeated?

    Mayweather, Marciano, Calzaghe and Lopez all retired undefeated.

    Who knocked out Ali?

    Joe Frazier.

    Where can I bet on boxing?

    Follow the links to Bet365, Bet Fred, Leo Vegas and other online bookies.

    How do bets work in boxing?

    You can bet on the potential winner, what round a boxer maybe knocked out, whether a fight will last past a certain round. See our boxing predictions and news for the best stats available to you.

    How do I place a bet online?

    Go to the website and follow the instructions of each – they will vary from site to site.

    How many bookies take bets on boxing?

    Bet Fred, Paddy Power, Bet365 and William Hill – see our full list of links to bookies’ sites.

    What are odds on?

    On a 1 to 5 bet, you would win back £1 for every £5 bet, plus your stake back.

    What do the odds mean in boxing?

    The shorter the odds on a fighter the more likely that fighter is to win the bout.

    What makes a good sports betting site?

    Deposit bonuses, range of markets and sports covered, best odds, fast withdrawals of winnings etc.

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